Emergency Lighting Fixtures (ELFs)

Our ELFs, designed and manufactured by Birns, include:

Our Model 4701 is a seismically-qualified nuclear-grade incandescent, wall-mounted emergency light with integral sealed rechargeable batteries and solid-state charging circuitry. It's designed in accordance with UL 924 ("Emergency Lighting Equipment") and NFPA 70 ("National Electrical Code").

Model 4701 accepts 120-, 220-, 240- and 277-VAC input.

For longer battery life, our new units have optional LED indicator lights in place of incandescent lamps.

Emergency Lighting Qualifications (GLS Report 03-TP15J-2)

  Mild Environment
Duration 39 years
Temperature 104˚F for 100% of time
Radiation 3.4E5 rads TID
Seismic Machine Table Limits

Emergency Lighting Fixtures Documentation

Low Voltage Motors

We own more than 20 million Westinghouse shop orders, drawings, specifications and original tooling, which allows us to duplicate many of your Low Voltage Motors which have been installed over the past 5 decades.

Medium Voltage Motors

The most important characteristics of our Medium Voltage Motors (Westinghouse and non-Westinghouse replacements) include no design changes required, ability to operate at reduced voltages and reliable designs that have been used for more than 5 decades.

Emergency Lighting Fixtures

Our ELFs, designed and manufactured by Birns, include direct retro replacement for Halophone M-19, maintenance-free batteries and 8 hours of illumination after power loss.

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